Rune Stone Set In Pouch - Amethyst

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Rune Stones are an Ancient Germanic tradition dating back to the 1st century AD. They consist of a runic alphabet of 24 letters, usually made out of wood or stone that were used as a method of Fortune-Telling & Protection Sigils. 

They are said to be based off of Old Latin inscriptions. Runes stones are full of powerful and magical history & so were highly venerated & used with extreme caution. 

The origin of word “rune” stems from the Germanic word for “mystery” or “secret”.

These days, Runes are used as a method of connecting to one’s Higher Self, Inner Guidance & tapping into Intuition as a method of Foretelling what the future may hold and offering advice, similar to Tarot Cards.

Sizes & Weights vary slightly due to their handmade nature.