Spirit Boards

Spirit Boards are a 19th Century Device that Spiritualists believed was a communication tool for the living to speak to the dead.

Technique For Communicating With Spirits Using A Spirit Board

  • Turn off distractions & use low light/candlelight to set mood & build Energy
  • Place board on a firm surface 
  • Open the session using a ritual/prayer & call in your Guides.
  • Place your planchette/pointer in the centre of the board & each person places fingertips (index & middle) on it
  • Take turns, or nominate a person to ask questions of the board, usually starting with closed questions that will lead to a YES or NO answer, the most common one being : “Is There Anyone There ?”
  • If there is no initial movement after a short while, try moving pointer slowly in a circular motion until you feel an urge or pull to a particular letter or marking.
  • As you gain movement or indications from your closed questions use more open questions that can be answered by spelling out words on the board.
  • Once the session is complete close the board by moving the pointer to Goodbye.

Enjoy.  Remember it is just a game … or is it ?

We cannot be held responsible for any events or actions that may or may not occur in using this technique.

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